Libre office 4 Is Available for Download

When you want to lay out a document, create a table or a presentation, the Microsoft Office suite quickly comes to mind.  This is the case with OpenOffice and LibreOffice . OpenOffice is the “original” suite. The project then split into two: Apache OpenOffice on the one hand, maintained by members of the Apache Foundation . LibreOffice on the other hand, supported by The Document Foundation . LibreOffice today presents its version 4.0, which is the first major release of the office suite since the creation of the Document Foundation.

When You Want to Lay Out a Document


In addition to technical improvements to modernize the suite, the fourth version of LibreOffice offers some interesting improvements. On Writer (word processing): mathematical expressions in RTF format are better handled, handwritten annotations France WhatsApp Number linked to DOCX and RTF documents are taken into account, the header and the footer of the first page can be different from others.  An Android phone remote control is available (only on Ubuntu at the moment).

We recently unveiled on the blog the trailer for Away from Keyboard , the film about the founders of the download site The Pirate Bay. That’s it, the feature film is finally available for download after long months of waiting. The film, which saw the light of day thanks to donations from internet users on Kickstarter, has indeed been in production for almost 4 years.

Libre office Today Presents


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This is rather logical, since it allows LibreOffice users to interact more easily with users of Word, Excel and others.

What motivates you to leave your proprietary software? Do not hesitate to take the test in any case, since LibreOffice is of course available for free. Directed by Swedish Simon Klose, the documentary traces the journey of the site’s founders: Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde. The story focuses more particularly on their indictment for copyright infringement in 2009 which earned them several million dollars in fines and prison sentences. This judicial tussle will notably lead to the creation of the Pirate Party.

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