Microsoft Attacks Google Again on Privacy

The war between Microsoft and Google does not take place only at the level of the technological and commercial confrontation between the two companies. Microsoft indeed regularly attacks its rival on the ground of respect for privacy. In question ? The fact that Google “scans” and analyzes emails sent and received via Gmail in order to offer targeted advertising. After the Scroogled campaign , Microsoft is back with the launch of a dedicated site: Keep Your Email Private. On the site, very aggressive towards Google, Microsoft presents the terrible reality of Gmail in this absolutely anxiety-free video. According to the Redmond firm, Google has information on all aspects of your life: work, financial situation, love life, health…

The Scroogled Campaign


And would not hesitate to use this personal data. And to prove the veracity of the accusations, Microsoft illustrates its point with telling examples: talk about cats in an email and you will immediately have targeted advertising on this subject. There is obviously a solution to bypass this filtering: Outlook, of course. Microsoft highlights the fact that emails passing through the service are Taiwan WhatsApp Number List not analyzed, and are not used for advertising targeting. It should also be noted that the white knight posture of respect for privacy on the part of Microsoft does not stop there. The web giant offers you to sign a petition to ask Google to stop. And there are already 175,000 signatories…

Surprisingly, we see no reference to Microsoft’s participation in PRISM on the site. Despite the ubiquitous bad faith, Microsoft’s attack is no less justified, and should make us think about the ownership of our data .Adobe recently experienced a major attack.

The War Between Microsoft

Taiwan WhatsApp Number List
Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

A massive hack that resulted in the closure of all these accounts. Which will only be reactivated when the password has been changed. The stolen data still circulated online, which allowed Jeremi Gosney , a specialist in the field, to compile a list of the most used passwords on these accounts. A life-size test! This theme of the most common passwords is indeed recurrent. But this changes, since some are directly inspired by the service used. This is the case for “adobe123”, “photoshop” or “macromedia”.

But the big winner remains “123456”, used by nearly 1.9 million people… Suffice to say that if this is the one you have chosen, it is better to change it. Same observation for “123456789” and “password”, which are also on the podium. Remember to look at our file presenting 14 resources to secure your password ! Here is the list of the 20 most common passwords in hacked Adobe accounts:

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