Mission Lescure: Illegal Downloading What Next?

Nicknamed Mission Les cure. Aimed at reflecting on cultural policies in the digital age. In other words, reflect on the French cultural exception and artistic creation. While the Internet has considerably changed people’s habits in terms of consumption of works. And their relationship as soon as to culture. And knowing what to do in a post-Hadopi cultural France. Orchestrated by Pierre Les cure. This mission will take place in several stages. Which also publishes the hearings that have taken place.

The Culture Acte 2 Mission Was Launched


The Le scure mission will also travel to the regions, to discuss with local actors of cultural action. The Rennes Digital Russia WhatsApp Number Canteen immortalized the arrival of Pierre Les cure, in a video where he explains that the “ existing players must adapt ”. Another lesson from this visit to Rennes: the Les cure mission would aim to put the repression of Internet users after the improvement of the legal offer. In order to fight against illegal downloading, it would indeed be necessary to provide a sufficient legal offer, which is far from being the case at present.

On the French Cultural Exception

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Witness, for example, the Tumblr ” J’ voulais pas pirater “, which collects the misadventures of Internet users wishing to acquire works legally, but giving up in the face of the absurdities and the difficulty of legal downloading. But the Les cure mission also raises some controversy. Besides the little spade for the founder of Mega Upload Kit Dotcom, who would have ” a dirty face” according to Pierre Les cure, as he said in Rennes, questions remain. Are we going to achieve a penalization of streaming , which would go the opposite of everything Pierre Les cure talked about in Rennes? Will repression, on the contrary, be abandoned or reduced? Response in March 2013.

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