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The most obvious metric this affects is new versus returning visitors. GA persistent Turkey WhatsApp Number List user cookies now expire after 7 days. So if a Safari visitor returns to your site after 8 days, for example, they will now be considered a new visitor. And that’s not the biggest impact of these changes. The biggest impact is measuring the success of your Turkey WhatsApp Number List various marketing efforts. For many marketing channels, visitors don’t convert Turkey WhatsApp Number List into leads, customers, etc. on the first visit, but instead into leads, customers, etc.

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on subsequent visits. GA user cookies are often able to link a user’s converted visit Turkey WhatsApp Number List to the marketing channel that brought them to the website in the first place. With ITP, for Safari users, this is only possible if the transition occurs within 7 days of the first visit or in some cases within the first day. As mentioned above, if a visitor arrives Turkey WhatsApp Number List at your site from a domain that ITP considers capable of cross-site tracking (such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter), and the URL to Turkey WhatsApp Number List your site contains a query or fragment, the expiration time for cookies is only 1 day .

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Let’s illustrate this more clearly with a practical example. If a visitor Turkey WhatsApp Number List searches for your brand name on Google and. Then clicks on your paid search ad running at the top of the search results page, all cookies set on. Page load will be set to expire at the latest 1 day after the visit. However if they clicked directly below the organic Turkey WhatsApp Number List search results. The same cookie will expire after 7 days this means that unless the conversion occurs. Within 24 hours of the visitor arriving from your ad, the conversion Turkey WhatsApp Number List. Will not be attributed in Google Analytics or ad platform measurement tools.

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