Msn Messenger, March 15 Is Over!

In the news today, the end of a service that rocked the online life of many Internet users: MSN. We’ve all used it at least once. But the instant messaging service developed by the Redmond company. The cut-off date fell yesterday via a massive e-mailing: the end of the software will be effective on March 15. So there are still 66 days left for the nostalgic to exchange Wizz. And other emoticons. On this date, users will be automatically redirected to Skype.

Aging instant messaging will give way to a better integrated solution, especially on mobiles and tablets. Note, MSN will still be available in China. It will therefore be necessary to move to continue to send Wizz.When you create a Gmail, Google Plus or other account, you may not know it, but you finally create a Google account giving you access to all the services of the American giant. While each service has its own tricks, Google accounts are no exception.

Service That Rocked the Online


Learn how to sign in to multiple accounts simultaneously, manage service activity, and learn how to better secure your Google Account. Multi-account connection on Gmail, Google Plus, Calendar… Google allows you to be connected to several accounts at the same time, on many services. It is possible to use 10 different Google accounts simultaneously, on several tabs for example, without logging out! The feature can be very handy, especially for sending emails from multiple addresses via Gmail.

It now only takes Kuwait WhatsApp Number two clicks to switch between two separate Google accounts! Multi-account connection is available on the PC versions of many services: Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Plus, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. Tools that do not support multi-account management use the first account connected during the session by default. Regardless of the service used, you must first be connected to a “main” account. Then, just click on their name (or email address), located in the upper right corner of any Google tool, and then on “Add an account”.

Aging Instant Messaging

Kuwait WhatsApp Number
Kuwait WhatsApp Number


Once connected via two separate identifiers, you will only have to click on your name again to switch accounts. The Google Dashboard, to manage all services It is no more and no less than the dashboard of all the Google services associated with your account. And everything goes there: Google Plus, Adsense, Android device, Gmail contacts, Feedburner, Gmail, Analytics, Google Books, Moderator, Google Calendar, synchronization of Google Chrome browser settings… If you want to check a setting, manage privacy settings associated services or your Google alerts for example, you’ve come to the right place.


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