Multifox: Simultaneously Connect to Several Accounts on Firefox

Google Chrome users know it their browser allows them to be connected. To several Facebook accounts, several Google accounts or several Twitter accounts at the same time. This is multi-user management. Available on Google Chrome since mid-2012. It is often very practical: members Egypt WhatsApp Number List of the same family can thus use the same computer on a daily basis, without having to reconnect each time. If you use Mozilla Firefox, it’s different: the browser does not natively offer this multi-user management. Unless you use Multifox, a very practical extension for families and professionals.

Google Chrome Users Know It

Just click on it to switch between multiple profiles. A small number identifies the profile in use. If your family uses the same computer, each person can create their Egypt WhatsApp Number List own profile and use Egypt WhatsApp Number List their own Facebook, Google, Twitter and other accounts. The extension is also practical in the office, since you can switch between your personal accounts and your professional accounts in just two clicks. You can also open two browser windows simultaneously, based on two different profiles. multifox The Multifox extension works with Mozilla Firefox, since version 23.0. Just install it and it will be activated, no reboot is required.

Several Twitter Accounts at the Same Time

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You can choose a default profile and rename your profiles as appropriate. To download Multifox, it’s here: Multifox for Firefox. Related topics: Mozilla / Browsers Share the article 4 comments The best productivity tools Salesforce logo Salesforce Paid A benchmark CRM for managing Egypt WhatsApp Number List customer relations Discover Salesforce k Meet Logo k Meet Free A free and secure video conferencing solution Discover kMeet Swiss Transfer logo Swiss Transfer Free A secure tool to transfer your heavy files Discover Swiss Transfer Receive all the latest digital news by email Your email Your email Register Each morning Every Friday By clicking on “Register”, you accept the T& Cs as well as our privacy policy describing the purpose of the processing of your personal data. See the trainings Find digital training

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