Music Platforms on the Internet

On the web, rich content is more and more numerous. Many images are published and pinned on Pinterest, many videos are made with Vine or shared on YouTube. Facebook even got in on the action yesterday, presenting Instagram Video . Music is no exception to the rule: online listening services have developed well in recent years. They allow you to enjoy your favorite artists, regardless of location. But do you really know these services? From web services like Deezer to Spotify to audio formats, we’ve got you covered with a little quiz about music on the internet. A good way to prepare for the music festival.On Google Chrome, you can customize the “New Tab” page. This can launch at startup, or only when you manually open a new tab.

Rich Content Is More and More Numerous


It is divided into two parts: the first gathers the most visited sites, the second gathers the applications for Google Chrome installed on your browser. An extension for Google  Saint Lucia B2B List Chrome, Modern New Tab Page, goes further: it allows you to customize the appearance of the new tab, taking over the Modern interface of Windows 8. You can choose the set of links you want to display on your “New Tab” page. From Facebook to Google+ to your favorite blog, the choice is yours. For each site, you enter the address of the RSS feed: you will thus be able to find out about the latest news published on the site (see the “Engadget” tile, bottom right of the screenshot).

Exception to the Rule

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For each tile, you choose the logo, background color and text. A logo library is available, to easily illustrate the sites most visited by Internet users. The whole page is also customizable with the Modern New Page Tab extension: you can change the background color or prefer the image of your choice, modify the text size, the number of columns, lines, speed animations, etc By clicking on the right of the page, you access the applications installed on Google Chrome. Your favorites and recently closed tabs are as always present at the bottom of the window. Fans of Windows 8 will no doubt appreciate this new interface, which is more attractive graphically and fully customizable!

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