New Bounce Management for Better Deliverability

All those who work in email marketing and who have never had to deal with these issues evoking. Something mysterious and decidedly hostile raise your hand. Those new to the email channel often work with the constant anxiety of the ever-present Sword of.  Damocles the dramatic chance of ending up in a spam folder . Or, even worse, not even reaching the recipient’s mailbox. On the other hand, we also know that fear often goes hand in hand with lack of knowledge.

As human beings, we are afraid of what we do not understand. Of what we cannot read and interpret, and therefore control. In the world of email marketing, deliverability is that area that. More than any other tops the charts for obscurity and mistrust. With this post, I wish today to satisfy two objectives. Clarify once and for all what deliverability really is. And why those who understand it aren’t afraid of it.

What It Is and Why It Scares So Many People


Demonstrating that optimal deliverability is not an objective. But a starting point (also and above all thanks to the tools and expertise made available by MailUp). First of all, who am I? My name is Alberto Miscia and I have been responsible for the Deliverability & Compliance department of MailUp for several years . And that’s not all I am one of the five co-founders of the company. Which I helped transform from a small company in Cremona into. An international group present in more than 50 countries. My work takes place away from the spotlight , behind the scenes. Or under the hood as developers and analysts like to say.

The Deliverability and Compliance team creates a technology infrastructure that optimizes message Colombia WhatsApp Number List deliverability. Minimizes issues with ISPs , and ensures exactly what our customers don’t see.  Zero issues, message bounces, and critical issues in shipments . Given that our customers send one hundred million messages a day, we understand how ambitious this objective is! Deliverability: what it is and why it scares so many people The term deliverability is often confused with delivery (or delivery rate ), which is the delivery rate of a message in the strictest sense. Yet there is a clear distinction between the two: The delivery rate indicates how many messages actually reach the recipient’s inbox out of the total number of messages sent.

Deliverability: From Deliverability to Engagement Funnel

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It is a pure and simple metric, easily measured, the inverse of which is found in the analysis of bounces , i.e. emails rejected by ISPs. Deliverability , on the other hand, indicates the ability of a message not only to reach the recipient’s mailbox, but also to avoid the spam folder. It has a much more nuanced measurability that depends on the interaction of a large number of factors. The most important ISPs have developed and perfected their algorithms over time to determine whether the emails received are relevant (inbox) or not (spam). The elements that contribute to this calculation are reputation indicators of the domains used or of certain ” fingerprints ” of the messages. Here are some examples .

Message sender and subject Message structure and content Sending domain reputation Message rate Number of messages returned Responsiveness of contacts in the database Why is deliverability so scary? Because it’s hard to understand and easy to damage – all it takes is a few days and a few wrong moves. Its improvement is, on the contrary, a long and delicate process that requires specific skills and ad hoc resources (human and economic). That’s why we work on a double front every day at MailUp: Constantly improve the standard of deliverability in order to offer all customers a very good basic service.

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