News of the Week: Rants About Cms, Journalists and Ordinary Sexism

Like every Friday, here is our selection of posts that should not be missed this week on the French blogosphere! On the menu of the day, you will find a presentation of Android consoles, questions about community managers, traditional journalists or the future of Foursquare, a Lego 3D printer or even a practical tool when you don’t know what to eat… Good discovery ! When community managers go on a crusade The literature on community managers is very (too?) dense online. It says everything but especially Ireland B2B Li anything. But this article, in the form of a rant, is worth the detour.

Or how to highlight the annoying tendency of many to stare at their navel all day long. To read, before returning quietly to work without going through the microcosm box for hours. And then damn it… After the CMs, it’s the turn of the journalists to go to the pan. Or how Erwann Gaucher rants about “traditional” journalists unable to question themselves, who go down with the boat…

When Community Managers Go on a Crusade


One thing is certain, the web will not turn around, we will have to deal with it. Summary of Android consoles There are more and more portable consoles coming out on Android. Often inexpensive, they have real potential and can open the door to a new type of gaming. But which Ireland B2B List one to choose? Here is a small summary of the consoles released or about to be released. You also rent your satellite at $250 per week “ Honey, what are we doing this weekend? Ah ba, I don’t really know…

What if we rented a satellite? An ongoing project would do this for just $250 a week. It remains to be seen for what purpose! A 3D printer (almost) entirely made of Lego 3D printers are going to explode in the coming years. But in addition if we can build them with Lego, we definitely haven’t finished hearing about the phenomenon… Foursquare: the dilemma of social geolocation Foursquare, the geolocation gamification app, had its heyday.

Summary of Android Consoles

Ireland B2B List
Ireland B2B List


But it’s starting to seriously feel like the tree for it, many users are getting tired of it and monetization is slow to come… You too, be sporty and a top model my daughter Because the sportswoman of the week is necessarily Marion Bartoli who won Wimbledon, we are going to deviate from our usual editorial line to highlight this rant that we share. Because discrimination and sexism do not only take Ireland B2B Li place in the field of employment! Service of the week: the food wheel Don’t know what to eat for lunch or dinner? Several proposals are made but you have trouble deciding?

Then use the food wheel! Indicate your proposals, then spin the wheel. All you have to do is comply with what has been displayed. video of the week The war between the PS4 and the XBOX One is in full swing. But when it’s turned into a West Side Story musical, it really comes into its own!

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