Overview of the Platform Transformation Process

Before you start creating sales content, we recommend setting up Instagram Checkout Albania WhatsApp Number List so that customers can buy products right away without leaving the platform. That’s it: On Shopify, navigate to Settings > Commerce Settings > Checkout Methods. Choose directly on Facebook and Instagram. Click Save. Enter Albania WhatsApp Number List your details as prompted. Click Finish Setup. Instagram tagged products Source: Instagram 6. Tag your products in your Instagram posts Congrats – you’re ready to sell via Instagram!

Understand the need for platform refactoring

At this point, you can start viewing Instagram ads to promote Albania WhatsApp Number List your products. To start selling right away, just create high-quality posts like before, only now you can tag your Albania WhatsApp Number List products right there so your audience can buy them right away. Selling your products on Instagram with Shopify integration Albania WhatsApp Number List allows you to update your current content with features that may drive sales. Here’s how to tag a product in an old post: On Instagram, select Share. Select to mark products.

Step 1: Situation Assessment

Click on the product in the photo. Enter a name for each product. Select Done , then share. Coalition Albania WhatsApp Number List Technologies is ready to help your business grow. Four people smiling and fist bump Albania WhatsApp Number List We’ve only scratched the surface of. The possibilities of e-commerce and social media integration. Our skilled and experienced team is eager to help you use Shopify to sell on Instagram more effectively, but this is just the beginning. As a Shopify Albania WhatsApp Number List and Shopify Plus partner, we’ve worked with many different businesses and the results are truly incredible.

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