Parody: a Fake Advertisement for Internet Explorer 9

The general opinion is that the latest advertisement for Internet Explorer is extremely successful. Engaging music, licked realization, the product is highlighted. The fact remains that the browser, despite the efforts made and a development that is going in the right direction, continues to be the Turkish head of many geeks and countless followers who no longer really know why they the excess. It was inevitable, so a parody was born. It uses the codes of the original advertising, its soundtrack, its nervous editing… But this time for the benefit of Google Chrome. The joke is known, Internet Explorer is the best browser… To download another browser. The demonstration is visualized. Rather well done, even if the subject begins to be a little worn.

Internet Explorer Is Extremely Successful


The toy catalogs that are already beginning to pile up in mailboxes will not have escaped your notice: it’s time to think about what you’re going to offer your loved ones for the end-of-year celebrations. You have community managers around you! The Golem13 website has Switzerland WhatsApp Number designed the ideal gift for them: gift cards of a rather special kind… Special social network cards! To please your community managers, give them these cards allowing them to have 10,000 fans on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Much better than a voucher at FNAC! It will be understood, these cards do not exist (yet) and are only a parody. But the idea is pretty good…

It Was Inevitable

Switzerland WhatsApp Number
Switzerland WhatsApp Number


This does not mean that the spams necessarily emanate from India, but rather that they pass through “zombified” computers in this country, compromised by cyber criminals, who use these infected machines to send spam, or simply inject viruses in other machines. The problem, points out Sophos, is that this number is starting to get less and less insignificant, and it is increasing more and more.

In the space of six years, this figure has indeed doubled. The study shows that there is a flagrant lack of security in India, which would explain this inflation of infected computers. Sophos points out that if a lot of spam passes through India, it also means that Internet users in the country can be potential victims. Spams also transit a lot through Italy (9.4%) and the United States (6.5%). France is in seventh position in this ranking, 3.7% of global spam passing through French computers.

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