Pearltrees Launches Its Android App

In the multitude of information curation services, there is one that stands out and that we particularly appreciate: Pearl trees . The site allows you to organize all your centers of interest, and to share them with other users. And the beautiful interface does not spoil anything. On the occasion of the release of the Android application, Antoine Msika, community manager of Pearl trees, discusses in Spain B2B List detail the history of the service and the features to come.

Can you introduce yourself and briefly introduce the Pearl trees service to us? Hello, I’m Antoine Miska, the community manager of Pearl trees . Pearl trees is an application that allows everyone to collect, organize and share all their interests in one place. You can organize anything you want there: recipes, tips, vacations, updates on a particular subject, clips and interviews with your favorite artist…

Can You Introduce Yourself and Briefly Introduce the Pearltrees Service to Us?


Now, all of this is possible on Android! How many Internet users are currently using the service? Pearl trees has over 2 million monthly active users, and over 1 million contributors. To date, the Pearl trees community has curated over 50 million beads. For those who do not know Pearl trees, what are Spain B2B List its specificities compared to other curation services?

Pearl trees allows you to organize all your interests in a single place to find them easily. In addition, one can discover the valuable content organized by other members of the community according to his own passions. So it’s a very powerful organization that works a bit like a collaborative library. The visual aspect makes it possible to see the whole of an organization at a single glance. We understand the structure of things. Here is for example the History of the world presented in more  .

How Many Internet Users Are Currently Using the Service?

Spain B2B List
Spain B2B List


With Android, Pearl trees goes further, and becomes a real file manager for the post-PC world. Android allows applications to exchange content very easily: it is therefore very easy to organize all the content of its apps to find them with Pearl trees. It is also very easily accessible. For example, you can easily organize your Foursquare check-ins in a “good deals” pearl tree, or organize the links to your Dropbox documents. How many people are hiding behind Pearl trees?

No one is hiding! Pearl trees was co-founded by 5 people, including Patrice Lamothe, the CEO. Today, it is a team of 20 people based in Paris, with the Spain B2B List exception of one person, based in San Francisco. What have been the main evolutions of Pearl trees since its creation? Pearl trees was designed as a place where everyone can organize everything they love on the web. We were then allowed to export “pearl trees” everywhere and in particular on blogs. Afterwards, we added a collaborative dimension with the teams. Then, we took advantage of touch devices, with iPad and then iPhone applications. Since this winter, those who wish can go further thanks to Pearl trees Premium, which offers “Personal”, “Advanced” and “Professional” packages that adapt to everyone’s uses and budgets.

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