Photo Editing: Fotor, the Ultimate Tool!

There are many tools to upload your photos and modify them. But most of these Photoshop-likes offer very limited functionalities, and a rendering of questionable quality. If you are looking for a complete tool, which really does everything, which is free and does not necessarily require downloading, you absolutely have to look into Fotor . A multi-platform tool To begin, it should be noted that Fotor is “multi-platform”, the tool is indeed accessible via its web interface (used in the post), but also iOS, Android, Windows 8 applications Romania B2B List and a more complete software version is downloadable for PC and Mac. This sets the tone for the care taken in development. Once on the home screen, to start using Fotor, the process is very classic, you just have to choose the photo to upload (here a wonderful photo of a dog in disguise in Yoda).

A Multi-platform Tool


Once the photo is uploaded, just scroll to zoom. The main functions are in the left bar. Full features In terms of “basic edits”, all the great classics are there: magic wand for better rendering, crop function to crop, rotation, brightness and color adjustment, and of course resizing Romania B2B List of the photo. In terms of effects, you have access to an impressive amount of filters. Enough to relegate Instagram to the rank of a small player. You can also make several types of montages, mosaic style, integrate blur or color spots… You just have to give free rein to your imagination. No photo editing without a frame! Again, you have the choice with a hundred fully configurable frames. Really amazing. Let’s move on to inserting clipart for fun montages, or kitsch, as you like! Again, the number of possibilities is quite incredible.

Collages, Photo Montages…

Romania B2B List
Romania B2B List


You can integrate hundreds of elements classified by categories and resize them, change their color, shape, thickness… Here’s what it can look like: All you have to do is add some text. There are plenty of fonts to choose from (there’s even Comic Sans MS) and everything is editable, from size to color. The share button then allows you to save your work or publish it on social networks. The editing Romania B2B List taken as an example is obviously outrageous, but for your personal or professional creations, Fotor is really a must-have. Fast, free, and incredibly complete, it largely dethrones the competitors we knew so far. Collages, photo montages… Fotor also allows you, in a different register, to make collages of several photos or montages via already loaded templates and models. Here is a classic heart photo in which you can slip a couple photo. Here again you are spoiled for choice, and a full description of all the possibilities offered would be too long. Note also that the sleek and flat design of the application does not spoil anything, and that it is as pleasant as it is intuitive to use. To try !

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