Photos Free of Rights and Copyright: How Does It Work?

Written content remains essential today on the Internet. It allows authors to go to the end of their reasoning. And Internet users to fully understand concepts. Projects and current topics. And since robots reference websites based on text. Writing still has a bright future ahead of it. But in many cases, images and photos are used to illustrate published articles. Whether it’s news photos to show the reality on the ground or representations of concepts to dress up your paper, the image tends to take on importance.

However, image rights should not be forgotten: not all photos can be used freely, the Internet is not a lawless zone. Finding a usable image is not always easy and several types of photo rights co-exist. But then, what is a royalty-free image? A photo protected by copyright? An illustration under a Creative Commons license?

Pictures Protected by Copyright


A royalty-free photo does not mean that it is free!. The work must simply be original and formalized. One or more persons may Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number hold this right, according to article L113-1 of the CPI (collaborative, composite or collective work). So you can’t use them as you see fit. And beware, if some photographers or illustrators add a watermark (tattoo/digital watermark) on their photo to highlight this copyright, this is not the case for all protected images.

On information sites, for example, it would be a shame to see a watermark credit on all the photos illustrating the articles. Some sites credit the images used, but this is not enough: you cannot use a protected image.

Image Banks: Paid and Royalty-free Photos

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Simply by adding the source or the author of the photo. It is therefore necessary to approach the photographer, the illustrator, the designer, or the agency that manages his rights in order to be able to use this or that image. If the authors are protected by law, they can very well decide to assign these rights to an image bank, or allow the sharing of their creations by assigning a dedicated license. Image banks: paid and royalty-free photos Many image banks also allow you to find the ideal photo on the Internet. These sites contain many images that you can buy freely (individually or as a subscription depending on your needs).

Just browse the categories or enter a keyword. In general, you can filter your results according to your desires: photos that contain people or not, imaged concepts, etc. The image banks then remunerate the authors of the photographs purchased via this system. Here are a few : Shutterstock – several formulas are available: you can opt for download packs (5 photos, 25 photos, etc.) or a subscription of 25 downloads per day. A higher license is required to use the works for a commercial project.

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