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On the Internet, are you tired of seeing certain words, would you rather see others instead? Don’t panic, there’s an extension for that! The funny plugin In my words allows you to exchange unwanted words for others, more to your liking. For example, if hearing about Facebook all over the web starts to annoy you. You can replace it with “the social network whose name we must keep quiet”… Reading the news immediately becomes a little more original. Available only for Google Chrome.

In my words is very easy to configure: just tell it which words you want to replace with others, as many times as you want. This may already be a good outlet, but Make Use Of gives a few more examples of how In My Words might be used. It’s not very educational, but parents can use it as a parental filter to replace swear words with more elegant ones…

Would You Rather See Others Instead?


Even if “cleaning” the entire web will be a difficult task. Another possible use, potentially much more interesting: to improve its reading comfort, by replacing the abbreviations and mistakes commonly encountered with exact expressions. In my words can thus be transformed Spain WhatsApp Number into a real personal automatic corrector. It can also be used to make certain memes more explicit: NSFW can turn into “No, don’t click here”. Of course

The In my words extension being rather invisible on the browser . it will be a pretext many jokes. And there, the field of possibilities is quite vast…Groland is used to attacking all aspects of our life to bring out our faults, expose the biases of our society and above all create laughter through caricature.

There’s an Extension for That

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Spain WhatsApp Number


Proof that the profession of community manager is beginning to be democratized, he has was entitled this weekend to a passage in the famous Canal Plus program. We follow the community manager of a Grolandaise radio station during a typical day. But everything does not go as planned, of course! Many technical words to describe anecdotal actions, there is a bit of that. The whole thing lacks consistency and above all a real fall… And definitely, the external vision of this profession is not very positive. A few emblematic actions (here the tweet) take precedence over the multiplicity and diversity of the actions carried out. This is the role of caricature, but we are not so far from certain ambient discourses. Want another video like this? Nathan ‘s video made a few months ago for Expectra was really funny.

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