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The product feed is actually the interpreter from your website to Google Shopping. This feed is a compiled XML file that is filled according to Google ‘s standards . You must then communicate this to Google. Fill in as much product information as you can. In any case, all mandatory fields, but also as many optional fields as possible. You can create your product feed with three options.

Feed managers A feed manager is a thire

A feed manager is a third party that translates the information from your website on a separate platform. You select the fields you need yourself and link them to the necessary fields from Google.

one environment for all your exports, also to other shopping platforms.no direct link, but via a separate channel.

A second option is a direct plug-in in your Taiwan Phone Number website to Google Merchant Center. This replaces the option of a feed manager, but it is directly to Google. direct link with Google. extra scripts on your website often contain more functions than just the necessary export, making it slower.

You can also make the export yourself, by filling in the fields exactly as Google wants them. You can often arrange this with your website builder, if they understand XML exports. This is less advisable when you have a lot of changes (such as stock) in your products.

direct lightweight coupling.

requires customization from the website builder.

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Google Merchant Center or CSSs

To link the product feed to Google’s Search Engine, you need a platform that turns your product feed into visible products again.

For this, Google has created its Merchant Center. This removes all products from the product feed, recognizes the errors, explains how you can fix them and makes the redirection to organic and paid search results within the shopping environment.

It is also possible to make this connection via a third-party platform, a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) partner. These are a kind of comparison sites that also display their affiliated webshops within Shopping and do exactly the same as Google with Merchant Center.

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