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Credibility.  Therefore, It is an aspect that must prevail on your site if you want to have traffic and convert it into customers. Credibility shows your potential customers that they are safe and trustworthy. It’s impossible to generate more leads, sell more products, or attract more visitors without it. Almost all companies struggle with the credibility of their website.   Therefore, This is because website visitors are immediately skeptical. We can attribute this disbelief in large part to the amount of lies and misinformation that circulates on the web and social networks. Unfortunately it is a reality that from the outset affects the credibility of your site. As a consequence, if you are a stranger, you are not trustworthy.

This means that your website visitors will need to be persuaded before they feel comfortable enough to take a chance on your business. « Visitors to your website are looking for a reason to leave ; the credibility of your site reverses this .” In fact, most visitors leave web pages in 15 seconds or less. Websites with an effective Paraguay Phone Number value proposition will hold visitors’ attention longer. Content of this Blog… Some facts about credibility How to improve the credibility of your website Credibility earned Credibility by reputation presumed credibility Shallow credibility Factors that affect your credibility Consistency (over time) Don’t ask for what you don’t need Add useful FAQ Minimize complicated language.

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Update your blog regularly Provides a helpful experience Minimal or no advertising Helpful customer support Cite your sources. Therefore, that give you credibility Customer Testimonials Give You Credibility Includes customer reviews Professional reviews boost your credibility Trust Seals Case studies are reputable Influencer Connections Customer validation is increased credibility. Therefore,  Press or media mentions Conclution Some facts about credibility Scientists at Microsoft Research analyzed the duration of page visits for 205,873 web pages (with more than 10,000 visits to each page). They found that visitors’ time on the site follows a Weibull distribution. Without going into detail about how this distribution is calculated.

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what is important is what the scientists learned after analyzing hundreds of thousands of web pages. Scientists found that 99 percent of web pages have a negative aging effect. When website visitors land on your landing page, they are skeptical. They are quickly scanning the page for a reason to leave your site. Get your website visitors past the 30-second mark and they’ll spend a lot more time on your site. Why? Because they feel that your website is valuable to them. What makes your website more valuable to your visitors? The credibility of your site .  Therefore, The credibility of your site is an essential part of an effective value proposition.  Therefore, Your visitors are looking for signs that your organization is trustworthy, knowledgeable, authoritative and reputable online .

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How to improve the credibility of your website The success of your website depends on its credibility. What kind of factors influence the credibility of the website? According to BJ Fogg, a researcher at Stanford’s Persuasive Tech Lab , there are four types of credibility. 4 types of credibility Credibility earned Your visitors have had a positive experience with your website (eg helpful information, few or no errors, expert advice, excellent customer service, etc.) and have found your website to be both credible and valuable. Credibility by reputation. Therefore,  A reference from a third party, such as family, friends, a co-worker or someone you know, or unbiased reviewers who have had a positive experience with your website. presumed credibility Familiarity and assumptions about a brand they’ve heard of is more believable than an unknown one (e.g., saw your YouTube ads.

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