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Advertising on the web is constantly evolving. On the one hand, platforms like Facebook, Twitter.  And Tumblr are stepping up their monetization strategies through native advertising  among other things . On the other hand browsers are strengthening their security with searches encrypted by default. The keywords of which no longer appear in Google Analytics (the famous “not provided” ). Finally, more and more of these browsers are introducing a “Do not track” feature . In partnership with the web giants Yahoo, AOL and Twitter.

Just like during the outcry against Free when the latter implemented an ad blocker Falkland Islands B2B List by default on its Free box, online advertising professionals oppose this kind of initiative, which is the opposite of their strategies and their interest. It is thanks to retargeting that you sometimes see advertisements on a site in relation to a request or a visit that you have made long before. This is possible thanks to cookies following your navigation path to target advertisements according to the content you have consulted. Brian Kennish, a former advertising engineer at Google, set up his own startup, Disconnect , which offers a series of tools to combat retargeting.

Advertising on the Web Is Constantly Evolving


Unlike ad blockers, Disconnect displays ads but ensures that they are not the result of user tracking. In the form of a toolbar, the browser extension allows you to monitor the number of requests in different categories of sites: advertising, analytics, social media and content. It is also possible to sort these queries according to the companies. Queries for Facebook, Google, and Twitter are quickly accessible Falkland Islands B2B List through the shortcuts at the top of the extension. automatically blocks no less than 2,000 sites carrying out this kind of tracking. It is even possible to visualize these sites in a graph. is talked about thanks to its transition to version 2, this update is focused in particular on optimization. On average, a page will require 17% less bandwidth and will therefore load 27% faster. The extension is currently free, with the possibility of making a donation of an amount of your choice. People rollerblading in the hallways, foosball in the break room and pizza nights to wrap up the files, the image of the fun agency is quite widespread.

Twitter and Tumblr Are Stepping

Falkland Islands B2B List
Falkland Islands B2B List


That of the announcer where we spend our time in a suit and tie in meetings too. But on the ground, what does it look like? Arnaud finds the difference not very obvious, it varies depending on the location: “  It’s really linked to the atmosphere of the structure and not to the fact that it’s an agency or an advertiser. It may be slightly more studious with the advertiser. Lisa also judges the two Falkland Islands B2B List environments in the same way: “  Honestly, there has always been a good atmosphere both in the agency and at the advertiser’s. Each time, people were between 25 and 30 years old and it was not difficult at all to integrate me.

The atmosphere is 10,000 times better at the advertiser’s, at least we are in a company where we are valued for knowledge and not just a pawn among others  ». Same story with William: “  I prefer to work for the advertiser, clearly. Despite boring directions and sometimes absurd policies, the advertiser has more choice in how they approach projects. An agency must above all ensure its survival (this is also true for the advertiser but up to a certain point) and therefore garner a maximum of customers and services to ensure the long term.  »


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