Product Experience Thailand Phone Number Report Starting from the five elements of user experience, deconstructing “Kugou Sing Sing”

Kugou Singing is a mobile karaoke social software launched by Kugou Company in 2017. Facing the leading players in the karaoke market. Kugou Singing He Sings, Kugou Singing, which started too late, is difficult and difficult. As well as a new Thailand Phone Number user of Kugou Singing, after in-depth experience, I hope to conduct a comprehensive and detailed dismantling of Kugou Singing from the five user experience elements of strategy layer, scope layer, structure layer, framework layer and presentation layer.

Market Analysis

Since 2014, the online karaoke industry has developed rapidly, and the user penetration rate has gradually increased. According to iResearch, the number of monthly active devices in the industry is expected to reach 220 million in 2019, and the penetration rate of netizens will reach 53.6% . From this, it can be seen that the online karaoke industry Thailand Phone Number has great prospects for development, and at the same time, users are not yet saturated, and there is still a certain space for competition. With its huge user base and rich music resources, Kugou has created Kugou Singing as a Kugou K-song App, which is the need for enterprise layout and the necessity of industry competition.

Analysis of Product Positioning

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Kugou Singing introduced itself in the Huawei app store. K song software produced by Kugou, relying on Kugou’s genuine music library. You can choose from a large number of high-quality accompaniments.” The product Thailand Phone Number slogan is: Kugou Singing, let Sing if you want. Its main functional modules are K song, live broadcast, and fight.

From the perspective of company strategy . Kugou is already the largest music software in China. With 40 million genuine music library resources and more than one billion user groups. But a single product cannot cope with the fierce competition in the market. And it is urgent to expand more businesses to enrich product. Kugou Singing is a Kugou K-song software launche in the music scene to meet diversifid user nees and respond to market competition. It is backd by the vast number of Kugou users and rich music library resources.

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