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Have you been publishing web content for a while? Do you already have a good number of articles with relevant content published on your blog? So, you have web content in your old green posts that have a great opportunity to generate web traffic and you should update and publish them again. Content of this Blog… Analyze your past blogs Why updating old blog posts is a good idea? Current web content implies time on your website New web content on social networks What can you gain by updating the content? Tactics to update your web content Check and update the facts Add new knowledge, tools or ideas Add new links to support web content external leagues Review comments: remove spam comments Check your grammar and spelling.

Optimize your keywords Improve the CTA in your web content Add images for relevant social networks Check your headers and summaries Create more web content How to find web content you want to update? Conclusion on web content Analyze your past blogs Today might be a great time to go through some of your older posts and Algeria Phone Number refresh them. Because updating old content can quickly increase your traffic. Oftentimes, you have a lot more insight into how to drive traffic to old content than you do to new content. Because you already have data on how your audience received this content or how they reacted to Google searches. And all that content is already there, so why not put it to good use? You can easily optimize your existing content, add to it, or even rewrite it.

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Green content is one that is not affected by the passage of time. That is, if you read it a year ago or read it today, it is still current and relevant. Why updating old blog posts is a good idea? You evolved and learned. The online marketing landscape has changed. New things came up, some of the things you wrote about are old and obsolete now. You have more information about keywords and search terms for your existing blog posts than you might for newly created posts. Some old content becomes obsolete; upgrading it can revive it. Also, Google favors new content, even if your old content is still relevant and correct. You can easily see Google’s preference for the newest content for users. Simply head over to Google search and type in a popular search term.

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Positioning of It marketing Recent web content dominates The search results on the first page are most likely not more than a year old, two years at the most. While it is not impossible to rank with old content, it is much more difficult. Current web content implies time on your website For Google, the time your visitors spend on your website (“time on site”) is also a ranking factor in Google searches ( SERP ) and will have a positive impact on your SEO. Improving your content will help you build your reputation as an expert and increase the trust of your audience. Simply updating everything that is no longer accurate in your previous posts will earn you more confidence.

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Sending readers to outdated content is not the best way to gain trust. But the simple remedy is: update old content! New web content on social networks Adding some new content forms can also help you get more traffic from social media. For example, you might want to consider adding images for some social networks that have the power to drive traffic. Or change some images to follow updated social media guidelines. You can also consider adding new types of content like videos, infographics, or slides. Some of these types of content were out of reach for non-professionals or SMEs. However, there are new tools that allow you to create most content even if you are not a video expert or graphic designer.

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