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Hiring one or more freelancers in your creative Germany Phone Number List department for content marketing or digital marketing can provide a fresh perspective that boosts your team’s energy to get back on track. Since freelancers tend to work with multiple companies, they can provide important insights into the creative process that your full-time employees may not have. This will help your team’s creativity move in the right direction. Germany Phone Number List 4. You lack expansion funds If you are short on funds, you may not be able to afford the cost of adding another full-time employee to drive the company’s expansion. While the Germany Phone Number List occasional freelancer can be as expensive as any full-time employee, most of them are not.

4. Make your pages mobile-friendly

Below is a breakdown of common industry Germany Phone Number List standards regarding freelance pricing. The price depends on the experience of the freelancer and the scope of the project. Types of Freelancers typical cost content writer 0.20 cents to $1 per word Graphic Designer / Photoshop Artist $15-150 per hour Average price $25 per hour Germany Phone Number List *Project fee virtual assistant Average hourly $23 data input Average $11 to $22 website development Average hourly $60 content marketing $65-300 per hour WordPress developer $20-100 per hour While some of these hourly rates may sound high, keep in mind that you’re not being paid for a 40-hour work week. Freelancers work on projects. Nor do they require onboarding, training or benefit packages.

5. Innovative Content Creation

This means that hiring freelancers is cost-effective Germany Phone Number List for your business. 5. A major but short-term project overwhelms your employees It’s always exciting when you’ve completed a major project that helps move your company forward. But when deadlines for short-term projects are looming, you will need extra hands, preferably Germany Phone Number List belonging to someone with unique talents and broad subject knowledge. Freelancers are great for this because once they help you with your project, they are free to move on to their next job while your business resumes normal operations.

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