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It’s Friday ! To end the week well, we offer you a little quiz related to social media. We all use them on a daily basis, but do we really know them? Can we recognize a social network, just by the name of its founder or the number of users it receives each month? This is what we are going to see with this little quiz of 10 questions. Think you’re a social media champion? So prove it. Hardly a day goes by without a brand, company or personality falling victim to a “Bad Buzz”. Social networks are a fertile ground for consumers to express their dissatisfaction with a brand, and this wave of criticism can very quickly become dangerous in terms of image.

Social Network Launched


The management of bad buzz on social networks is now an issue that brands must integrate or risk losing control of their communication. The LabCom, of which we are partners, is organizing a conference on Thursday, October 17 dedicated to the theme of managing bad buzz on social media. The conference will attempt to answer several key questions in the digital age: what are the best attitudes  UK Business Fax List to adopt for brands and their CMs? Should we give in to panic? What are the legal remedies? To respond to these different issues, several experts will intervene. From time to time, in order to break the monotony of the Google search page, the Mountain View company develops a Doodle. 

Think You’re a Social Media Champion?

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This replaces the Google logo, usually for a day. It can be a still image or an animation, and some are even interactive. An entire team is dedicated to creating these Doodles! The tradition of Doodles on Google is not new: the first dates back to August 1998, even before the creation of Google Inc. In total, more than 1000 Doodles have been created. Putting them together, we get this. The first Doodle is this one. Google uploaded it on August 30, 1998. It was distributed worldwide, unlike other Doodles which are aimed at a targeted country or continent. It symbolizes Burning Man, an arts festival held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada . In some cases, Google reserves Doodles for a country, to better reflect current events or events. The first Doodle broadcast only in France dates from July 14, 2000.

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