Ranking: the 10 Most Viral Videos of 2012

Already December, the end of the year (and of the world) is approaching! This is an opportunity to come back to the highlights of 2012 for some, or to take stock of the 2013 trends for others. And especially to see rankings appear everywhere. After the social media campaigns of the year, here is the list of the most viral videos of 2012. The list, compiled by Unruly , identifies the videos having recorded the most shares on social networks. This ranking focuses on brand videos, excluding music videos, like Gangnam Style and its 32 million shares.

Brand content is still the majority with a lot of guerrilla marketing (without low-cost) or stunt street marketing, ie the movement of campaigns in the public space: flash mobs, hidden cameras, performances, etc. The purpose here remains the brand image and notoriety. The practices are however different according to the brands: extreme sports remain the favorite field of Red Bull and Monster Energy Drink but Coca-Cola prefers to hire actors for flashmobs and other challenges. FYI, there is a ranking of the “best” fake stunts each year. Here are the most shared videos of 2012 (so far): 1. Kony 2012 (10,068,978 shares) You must have heard of it.

A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square


The Kony 2012 campaign was released last March and was quickly shared widely. This called for the arrest of Joseph Kony, a Ugandan rebel leader. The association Invisible Children, to whom we owe the video, has however been severely criticized for its questionable practices. This did not prevent public opinion from being alerted, the feeling of revolt and the desire to change things are among the first Luxembourg WhatsApp Number engines of virality for content on the web. 2. TNT: A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square (4,355,707 shares) Advertisement for the Belgian channel TNT, this video is a real happening set like clockwork with a series of events, each more improbable than the next. It is one of the best examples of street marketing stunt, no wonder we find it in 2nd place. 3. Abercrombie & Fitch: Call Me Maybe (2,472,613 shares) Impossible to miss Call Me Maybe and its endless stream of parodies this year.

Melbourne Metro: Dumb Ways To Die

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Alongside amateur productions are also videos made by brands. After the Romney camp, the Miami Dolphin Cheeleaders , here are the male models of the Abercrombie & Fitch clothing brand. A lipdub among many others, but we have to believe that this one has better assets! The recipe is simple to have 17 million views. 4. DC Shoes: Gymkhana 5 (2,378,482 shares) The shoe brand DC Shoes organized a rally in the middle of San Francisco with driver Ken Block.

10 very impressive driving minutes which required 4 days of filming in a city partially blocked for the occasion. A perfect example of successful brand content, a recipe that is also successful at Red Bull. 5. P&G: Best Job (2,230,381 shares) P&G is a multi-national that owns brands like Ariel, Pampers and Always. This video was made for the London Olympics. Thanks to a very beautiful realization and a very positive statement, she can thus speak to the greatest number. Note that a Facebook page completes the campaign.

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