Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate

E-commerce websites make people prefer to shop online. They do it because it is convenient and they will also consider which device best suits their needs. Content of this Blog… Why are eCommerce sites going mobile? Benefits of an e-commerce app Average order amount increase Reduced cart abandonment rate Better interaction with customers Conclusion on e-commerce sites Why are eCommerce sites going mobile? The general trend of smartphone users lately is pushing e-commerce sites to reconsider their strategy. Behind this, they observe more closely the preferred way of buying of their customers. It’s much easier to access your phone, press a few buttons, and make a purchase than it is to log into an account on a desktop computer.

As a result, the number of smartphone users was seen to rise to 6.25 Billion in 2020. People who prefer to shop online do so because it is convenient, so they will consider which device best suits their needs. Take a look at the table below that compares mobile apps to desktop and shows why some users prefer to shop on their phones: App  Hungary Phone Number vs Mobile Preferences The benefits listed are presented from the user’s point of view, but what are the benefits of the mobile application for the e-commerce store itself? Customers tend to spend 3-4 times more on mobile apps than on desktop. Mobile apps have the lowest shopping cart abandonment rate: apps, 20%, desktop, 68%, mobile sites, 97%.

Better Interaction With Customers

Customers spend twice as much money on mobile apps as they do on desktop or mobile sites. Average order value on mobile apps is 140% higher than on mobile sites and 130% higher than on desktop. Customers are twice as likely to return to a mobile eCommerce app in thirty days than they are to a desktop. Each of the benefits listed are the reason why many companies prefer to move their business from e-commerce to mobile applications. Actually, an app has much more to offer. Benefits of an e-commerce app These are just some of the key advantages that you can consider when developing your eCommerce site. Average order amount increase.

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There are several substantial factors that make customers buy more: push notifications that notify you of the best deals and deals, personalized suggestions, and improved interfaces that don’t distract shoppers. As a result, customers are more likely to buy more than on a website. Reduced cart abandonment rate Attracting your customers is a challenge, while retaining them is even more difficult. It’s a proven fact that mobile shoppers leave the checkout stage much less frequently than on eCommerce sites. The reason is probably in easy payments. For example, with the help of mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. One-click payments and simplified navigation encourage shoppers to successfully complete their purchase.

Conclusion on E-commerce Sites

Better interaction with customers With a mobile app, it’s easier to engage with your customers. For example, mobile apps use a microphone to help customers find needed items using voice commands. By simplifying the search process, you show your support and care for your customers. Better user experience Mobile app interfaces are, by default, simple and elegant. Therefore, there are no distracting elements like banners, buttons and ads that make it difficult for your customer to reach the desired point. Conclusion on e-commerce sites While it is true that your product sales company must have an e-commerce site, you should also consider accompanying it with an App.

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