Remove Your Social Profiles From Search Engines

Searching for your name on Google can sometimes be worrying: some results do not improve your digital identity. We think of profiles on social media, which can sometimes harm your e-reputation. Of course, the indexing of these profiles can also become an advantage. If they attest to your skills and your seriousness, this can influence a recruiter.

But if you want to opt for a more personal use of certain networks. You can remove your profiles from Google and other search engines. Unindex your Facebook account Facebook is probably the social network we least like to see in Google search results. But the procedure to make his profile disappear is not very complicated. Just go to this page dedicated to privacy settings , and uncheck the box “Allow other search engines to include a link to your newspaper”.

Twitter: De-index Your Tweets and Profile


Your profile will then be de-indexed gradually. Twitter: de-index your tweets and profile On Twitter, things are a little different. But if you the situation lends itself to it, it is possible and very easy! Just go to Twitter settings, then check the “Protect my tweets” box. The social network also provides this page to Kenya WhatsApp Number understand the privacy of tweets .

Google make your profile disappear from the results Like most social networks, Google+ offers a tool to not appear in search results. Just go to their profile, click on the blue button “Edit my profile” (top right), then on “Profile indexing”, before unchecking the corresponding box. You will simply be careful not to make your posts public, in which case they will potentially be visible on the engines. Viadeo possible de-indexing, but is it desirable?

Linkedin: Same Principle, Less Accessibility


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Wanting to de-index your profiles on professional social networks is less common than on Facebook or Google Plus. But if you wish, it is possible: on Viadeo, you must go to the privacy settings page (via the menu appearing when you hover the mouse over your name, in the upper right corner). Then, just check that your profile’s accessibility is disabled. LinkedIn: same principle, less accessibility On LinkedIn, the principle is the same as on Viadeo. It is rare to want your profile to be de-indexed, but it is quite possible (but less accessible than on the main social networks). Once logged in, you must go to the settings , then “Edit your public profile” (useful links).

Then simply choose the option “Make my profile public visible to anyone” in the left column. Instagram: make your account private to deindex your photos Ah, Instagram and data privacy… The proposed change in policy and then the reversal due to the many reactions caused a lot of ink to flow. If you want to de-index your photos, you must make your account private via the app (this is not possible via the web interface). Next, if you’ve allowed third-party apps to use your photos, you need to revoke their access .

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