Selection: the Best Aliaz Profiles of August

Summer is coming to an end, many of you have already gone back to school or work… As soon as, some Internet users have also taken some resolutions for this new school year: take care of their digital identity for example. A good way to Spain Business Fax List update your presentation, your course or your presence and better stick to your projects and your research. Like every month, we have selected six aliaz profiles that marked us this month. Original pages, professional or personal, from which you can draw inspiration! Do not hesitate to comment your aliaz profile for the selection of the month of September. Bernard  The mayor of , in the North, has his own alias.

Summer Is Coming to an End


It presents its official functions and its social presences, from Twitter to Google+. A colorful profile! World of Zombies You know. We will all end up being eaten by zombies. They will come sooner or later, that’s for sure. The only questions to ask are: when will they come, and how to Spain Business Fax List protect against invasion? The World of Zombies association warns us about aliaz and social networks! Ayoub  Student at AFPA and passionate about digital and video games, find Ayoub on the main social networks: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, but also SlideShare and .  Holds a master’s degree in marketing, management and communication. Passionate about media and culture, intercultural communication, multilingualism and Franco-German relations, you can contact Klervi on her alias and social networks.

Up Being Eaten by Zombies

Spain Business Fax List
Spain Business Fax List


In the first place, profile Hair Aliaz profiles sometimes allow a local business to make itself known: the  Hair hair salon, located in L’Isle-Adam in the Val d’Oise, presents its services.  Drummer and percussionist, you can discover his universe and his music Spain Business Fax List on his blog and social networks. Unless you live on the moon, you must have seen Apple’s Keynote pass last night. Tim Cook presented two new iPhone models: the 5s, the “premium” version and the 5c the “low cost” version. The latter, colorful and with relatively unusual finishes for an iPhone, attracted the hilarity of the web. Here are the top brand responses on Twitter to the release of the next iPhones.

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