Selection: the Best Aliaz Profiles of March 2013

Each month, we offer you a selection of the best aliaz profiles. And the March promotion is pretty cool! Two graphic designers are in the spotlight, as well as a community manager, a photographer and a professional license student. Quite different profiles! Indeed, whatever your sector of activity, your desires, or your presence on the web and social networks, aliaz allows you to create a web page in your image. Do you want to introduce yourself, or simply centralize your accounts on the web? Do not wait any longer .

To be part of the next selection, nothing could be simpler: personalize your aliaz profile and present it to us in the comments. And centralizes her presence on social networks. Alain Bauer Alain Bauer is currently looking for a position as a graphic designer/web designer. His alias allows you to discover his portfolio, his CV and his accounts on social media.

Selection of the Best Aliaz Profiles


Twitter, LinkedIn and Viadeo. Laur’Art If the aliaz profiles make it possible to present oneself, they also leave an important place to the image. An ideal tool for photographers, like Laur’ Art. Discover her website and her creations! Raphael Aguilar Raphaël Aguilar is a student in Belize WhatsApp Number Advanced Maintenance pro license. His alias details his training, the computer software he masters, as well as his knowledge of web programming. Monday is probably the most studious day of the week…

Except today! Coincidentally, the first of April coincides this year with Easter Monday. In the first place, a holiday for many and the perfect day to trap friends! Tradition obliges, here is a selection of the best April fools found on the web. This year again, the hoaxes concocted by the Internet sites are excellent. Feel free to submit yours.

Damien Albiser Is a Web Designer

Belize WhatsApp Number
Belize WhatsApp Number


Go directly to: the 2014 selection of the best April Fools! Journal du net : as usual, the JDN hit the table hard again this year with numerous hoaxes. Children’s pocket money taxed at 50%, Free which wants to filter TV advertising, aid for recruiting mustachioed people… All good! Youtube : Google also has a habit of letting loose on April Fools’ Day. This year, they announce the closure of Youtube… The purpose of the site being in fact to carry out a competition for the best video, and the number of submitted videos being sufficient, no need to do more.

A little big anyway, but at least they didn’t do things by halves. Mode(s) of use: the removal of Easter Monday as a public holiday, noooooo! Google Fiber Poles : fiber according to Google, accessible from electricity pylons… Nice for surfing outside.

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