Selection: thest Aliaz e BProfiles of the Month of October

Each month, we select several aliases . A well-thought-out image, an original description, a counter-current use… In October, we liked several profiles: discover in particular that of , graphic designer in Rennes, Guillaume who is looking for an internship in Montreal, we still Clément, community manager for St John’s agency. Do not hesitate to present your aliaz profile in the comments: with a little luck, you could be part of the November selection! Morgane Maillard, freelance graphic designer in Rennes Just go to  alias to find out that she is a graphic designer. Its background image goes very well with its description. Graphic designer for ten years, Morgane became freelance this year.

Morgane Maillard, Freelance Graphic Designer in Rennes


In the first place, Do not hesitate to contact her for your projects, you will not be disappointed! Guillaume Blaineau, candidate for an internship in Montreal Guillaume is not a graphic designer, and yet his alias is very successful! Based in Montreal, he is a candidate for an internship in community management. You can check out his online presence, including his resume on Pinterest . Julien Dos Reis Pedro, area manager Sweden WhatsApp Number List Most aliases are written in French. But some profiles stand out, offering an international description. This is the case of Julien, Hispanic Area Manager for Cosmopolit Home. Clément Falize, community manager Tip: to be selected among the best aliaz, use stormtroopers! Clément Falize understood this well; discover his personal blog and his photo blog. Apartment in Casablanca Do you want to rent an apartment in Casablanca?

Guillaume Blaineau, Candidate for an Internship in Montreal

Sweden WhatsApp Number List
Sweden WhatsApp Number List


This alias offers apartments at €59 per night, all costs included (up to 6 people). Contact them directly on aliaz to book! Carine Vadet Perrot, graphic designer Carine’s alias reminds us of summer, the beach and hot sand… What more could you ask for! Smart phones, really? We must believe ! Smartphones have entered our lives at full speed, and only a few years after their appearance, we still wonder how we did without them. Because they offer us access to the Internet from everywhere, but they have also replaced many objects previously used in our daily lives. This high-tech Swiss army knife can do a multitude of things.

The famous ad isn’t wrong: whatever you’re looking for, there’s an app for it. The Buzzfeed site had fun compiling 30 objects that you no longer need (or almost) since your smartphone took over. And the list is truly impressive. Telephone of course, but also newspapers, compass, flashlight, camera, notepad, watch, calculator, stopwatch, road map… The list is long and not exhaustive.

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