Sell ​​on Instagram using Shopify’s built-in integration

Benchmarks Establishing the effectiveness of existing content Uganda Phone Number List and SEO is critical to the platform refactoring process. Specifically, you need to find out your baseline through a content audit. This content audit will refer Uganda Phone Number List to your web traffic and will include some components. Benchmark your top landing pages based on your user sessions and pageviews. Since these are the pages you visit most often, they act as the core pages and experience of your website.

Why sell on Instagram?

When you examine your traffic, identify the landing pages Uganda Phone Number List with the most search referrals. These entry points from search traffic are critical to the success of your website. Making sure your pages are relevant to what people Uganda Phone Number List are searching for is an important part of the content review process. Run multiple crawl tests to determine your site’s accessibility to search engines. Crawl testing will help you get the number of currently indexed pages that reflect the scope of your platform.

How to Sell on Instagram Using Shopify

Do a thorough crawl of your current website with an SEO crawler to see what optimizations you need and need as part of your platform refactoring. Make sure Uganda Phone Number List you hit these SEO benchmarks, and remember that this doesn’t always mean you have to put your blog together. The reason for benchmarking is that you are comparing Uganda Phone Number List your website to other websites in the industry you serve. Knowing what you’re doing well and making improvements during the platform refactoring is a best practice for website success.

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