Send a Large File by Email With Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo

Emails can transfer many files. A family photo, a video, a work document… Over time, these files have tended to become larger photos in particular. With the increase in the number of pixels in cameras. And regardless of the email used sending large files can quickly become a headache. Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo limit the size of messages to 25 megabytes. But fortunately, there are countermeasures to circumvent these restrictions. Google offers a method to send large files with Gmail. Just like Microsoft with Outlook/SkyDrive and now Yahoo, thanks to a brand new partnership with Dropbox.

Yahoo: a partnership with Dropbox to send large files If you regularly share files, you are probably familiar with Dropbox. The system makes it possible to exchange files and synchronize several terminals (computer, telephone, tablet, web version, etc.). And if you also use Yahoo messaging, you’ll be delighted: the company has just announced a partnership with Dropbox , to allow its members to send files via the sharing tool. And if you’re not registered on Dropbox, don’t panic: you can create your account directly on Yahoo.

Yahoo: a Partnership With Dropbox to Send Large Files


To use the service, nothing could be simpler: create a new message, hover the mouse over the “paper clip” and choose “Share from Dropbox”. The maximum size depends on the offer chosen on Dropbox (2 GB by default and up to 18 GB free with referrals). The partnership is welcome  Bahrain WhatsApp Number for Yahoo mail users. They can also save an attachment received on Yahoo to Dropbox with just a few clicks. Overall.

The company is modeled on the solutions offered by Google on Gmail and Microsoft on Outlook by forming a partnership, Yahoo not having a comparable file sharing system internally. Outlook: Send large attachments with SkyDrive After many years of good and loyal service, Hotmail will disappear to make way for Outlook . It was simply the first webmail, launched by Microsoft in 1996. If all goes well, all users will switch to Outlook by this summer.

Outlook: Send Large Attachments With Skydrive

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And as on Gmail and Yahoo, it is possible to override the limit of 25 megabytes per email. Microsoft has offered the SkyDrive solution for several years, to share files or synchronize several terminals. Like Google, Microsoft therefore integrates its own solution on Outlook to support the sending of “large files” via its messaging system. The method is similar to the other solutions: just create a new message, click on “attach files” and choose to “send files using SkyDrive”. Microsoft therefore also offers an effective solution for sending a large attachment by email.

But unfortunately, the maximum size of files sent is lower than via Gmail or Yahoo. Using Outlook and SkyDrive, the limit is 300 megabytes per file and all attachments by this system must not exceed the size of your SkyDrive hosting (7 GB with the free version). It’s still enough to send many photos! Gmail: send large files with Google Drive By creating a Gmail account, you automatically create a Google account. Some criticize this integration of Google services, but it can save our lives in many cases. When sending a large attachment for example! Indeed, features of Google Drive are integrated into Gmail and offer an effective alternative for transferring large files.

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