SEO optimization of the website is essential to increase visits

The user who uses the search engine basically needs only one thing to obtain specific requests to solve his needs. These requests or questions called queries can be informational, navigational transactional. Once the search has been performed, the engine returns a certain number of results within a list called serp search engine results page, some of which may be paid ads usually the first and last while most are the links to pages relating to the question sought, therefore the results.

Obtained and that the engine has found within its index, should be the best response to the users search intent . Seo optimization but how does google or the engine used find these certain pages the functioning of the search engine basically concerns the scanning every second within the internet thousands of sites and millions of pages and this work keeps track of them in its database, creating virtual links that are activated when a certain research satisfies its main criteria.


What are the benefits of SEO.

This happens through the notorious google algorithm, which image manipulation service decides whether a page has certain requirements of value, usefulness, reliability, speed, etc. And can therefore be entered within this index and in what position. To better explain how web pages can be included in search results, a brief introductory clarification must be made. Each web page has within it not only objects such as text, images or videos, or the primary contents , but a whole network. Of data and links, which are analyzed by the search engine, both inside the site and outside. Its they are not only those that allow navigation and passage from one page to another, but. Also the connection with other pages of other sites.

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Methods and timing of the SEO campaign.

It therefore becomes consequential that if a site, and HRB Directory the related pages that compose it, are well structured and correspond to the basic requirements of google, it has greater potential and consequently will climb the positioning rankings. Discover our service buttonsiteanalysis how to optimize your site seo to be able. Recognized, the site must have those basic requirements that are given to it by seo, that is, search engine optimization. We remind you that seo alone is not enough for the success of a serious web. Marketing strategy , but optimizing your web pages from an seo perspective. Allows you to have a significant impact within the searches made by users.

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