Skype: Users Spend 2 Billion Minutes a Day on the Service

The Skype VoIP service has been doing very well since its takeover by Microsoft. Its advanced integration with Facebook and the efforts made on the mobile have been able to establish the domination of the Estonian application. Microsoft, anxious to converge its services, announced last November the end of the MSN instant messaging service, in favor of Skype. It is also on April 8 that users will have to switch from one service to another. Today, Skype has just announced an impressive figure: every day, its members spend 2 billion minutes communicating on the service. It is however not specified whether this also concerns the textual discussion, which must greatly inflate the figures. Every day, nearly 280 million users use Skype. To celebrate this important step, the service had fun applying this duration in multiple areas. 2 billion minutes would.

Its Advanced Integration With Facebook


Walk more than 845 times around the earth Travel more than 5,400 times between Earth and Mars Go back and forth between Earth and the Moon more than 225,000 times Watch 16 million movies Run 6.6 million marathons Feel free to test the validity of these figures.There are a wealth Belarus WhatsApp Number of tools for consuming content on the web. Flipboard allows you to transform your RSS and social feeds into a real magazine, just like Feedly. Pocket and Readability make it possible to save articles for later and easier reading. Zite and Pulse come in the form of personalized magazines that curate content for users. The announced death of Google Reader has intensified the competition. You therefore have many ways to keep yourself informed by finding suitable content but also to browse your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Nextly is a new handy tool for easily browsing news on Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Skype Has Just Announced an Impressive Figure

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No more need to use the mouse, the site selects the links shared by your network that you can consult quickly by scrolling them with the arrows on your keyboard. Preloaded by the tool, they will display in the main window without latency. It is thus possible to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as the associated lists. In addition, Nextly offers feeds for the main news sites across a dozen categories: tech, music, sport, business and even fashion. These streams are available in the “Explore” category and are selected by the site developers. In particular, there is a reddit feed, allowing you to browse the different subreddits and their different posts with the keyboard. Convenient for users allergic to the site’s archaic interface. Nextly also allows you to bookmark articles and feeds as well as share them directly on Facebook and Twitter. The tool is still in beta, so expect some slowdowns and crashes, but overall it works. However, it does not offer access to external services such as Pocket or Evernote. To test !

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