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But when you ground it to the reality of day to day it is all smoke. What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up in bed? Do you take the mobile for whatever? be honest with yourself If you pick up the phone before saying good morning to your partner, you are an addict, and this addiction destroys couples, costs money, costs time and makes life worse, which means a less happy life although many times we are not aware of it ,

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And a little later I will tell you why we are not and technology is Qatar Phone Number List dumbing us down. In many cases and invisibly, technology breaks relationships, and not only couple relationships, but also friendships, family relationships… do you see it normal to meet someone for a drink, put the phone on the table and every time it vibrates (or rings ) While the other person is talking to you, do you look at him? you can’t help it right? that’s addiction. The first thing we must do is recognize that we are, although most of us will say that we are not, but we are, it is like an alcoholic,

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It is difficult for him to recognize it but he has a problem that others who are not alcoholics see. The problem with technology is more serious because there are many more addicts around us, so fewer people are able to see that we have a problem, that we are addicted to something that we have come to normalize and that is why we do not see addiction and we see it as normal. Think when you go to the bathroom, at home or in a restaurant, what do you always take with you? the mobile. Imagine leaving without him, what would you do?

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