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Social Marketing Strategy, Without having other options in case we do not want to transfer our data to these companies.  Medicine Think of something everyday like going to the doctor. Where are the details of your visits? Your file. It is distributed throughout all the doctors. Clinics where you have been. There is no single file that brings together all your medical history. The blockchain would allow your file to be quickly available.

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Everything would also be encrypted with high levels of security to Nepal WhatsApp Number List prevent manipulation and improper access, something that does not happen today. Product distribution Another example would be the distribution of physical products, where, for example, a wine company could integrate blockchain into its supply chain, with the aim that each physical product has a kind of digital passport that would prove its authenticity and origin, creating also an auditable record of the life cycle of the products.

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Applied to the growing demand for organic products. To assure consumers that they really are. Not as is the case now that we have to trust that whoever sells them to us tells us that the tomatoes are organic. We have no way verify the veracity of that information. Musical artists Another application is towards content creators such as musical artists. Where projects such as Ujo Music are already being born. Where artists can share songs under blockchain technology. Ensure total transparency in their distribution and the profits it generates.

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