Social Marketing Strategy – Make “Face Time” With Your Target Market to Increase Traffic!

1-hour interview we talked about digital marketing applied to small businesses, technological addiction, social networks like Facebook that are getting old… has divided into 3 parts: How technology creates an invisible addiction How to manage digital marketing for small businesses in these times How to present yourself effectively through social media and how to differentiate the private from the business Interview on Digital Marketing applied to small businesses According to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute ,

Social Marketing Success

40% of the time spent on sales activities can be automated with Pakistan Phone Number List artificial intelligence. The goal is for humans to move to a second scene, a second point of contact, and it cannot be modify or alter without the consent of the majority of the nodes, which makes it very difficult to manipulate.

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For what bots can help you work on in this 5-minute window.  It works as a decentralized network of nodes , which means that there is no node that is the boss, that is, that handles the information, and each node is any element with storage and computing capacity, such as a server, a tablet… This is one of the first disruptive and interesting ideas of the blockchain,

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