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Even so, the cost of the different levels is affordable for any SME with a small budget . slow support Although is easy to use and offers 24/7 support, some users complain that the response time is too slow. According to the website, support representatives on Monday will respond in less than an hour. But in today’s age, most of us expect a live chat representative to respond much faster. Waiting an hour for a response can be a pain. You may have better luck turning to the knowledge base if you need a quicker resolution. Project Management Software Pricing offers a package for businesses of all sizes and project management needs. There are four different options to choose from: Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Here is an overview of pricing (in MXN) and options for each plan.

Project Management Software Plans Plans and prices in pesos MXN Generally speaking, is very affordable. We’ve seen project management software on the market with entry-level prices starting at $400. On average, most tools Kazakhstan Phone Number start under $200 per user per month. So is right on that same level. To get the rates shown above, you’ll need to sign up for annual billing. Annual billing cycle is 18% cheaper than month-to-month rates. Whether you’re just starting out or have advanced project management needs for a larger team, has an option for everyone. Just make sure you understand the features available in each plan. Some plans are more limited than others.

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We’ll look at each of them in more detail below to help you make a more informed decision. No matter which plan you’re interested in, you can try for project management for free with a 14-day trial. Free trial includes unlimited boards and users, no credit card required. This few competitors do. Basic Basic Monday is an entry-level project management solution. It’s a starting point for smaller teams that are just getting their feet wet in project management. Starting at $160 pesos per user per month, that’s a fair price for unlimited dashboards and 200+ templates. You will also benefit from unlimited free viewers – users with view-only access to the account. The basic package only allows you to create a board based on a workspace. But dashboards are often better if you can pull information from several of them.

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So if your team is using more than one board to manage one or multiple projects, this feature is somewhat useless. Basic project management software The plan offers workspace collaboration, integrated documents, sharing forms, custom notifications, and more. But it does not support any integration. You also won’t have access to timelines, Gantt charts, calendar views, or time tracking. While it’s a good starting point, the basic plan is more of a preview to get you familiar with the software. Most people will find it a bit limited for business use. In terms of functionality, it’s not the best entry-level project management offering on the market today.

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You’ll need to upgrade to get the most out of . Standard The Standard plan is the most popular solution . It comes with additional tools and ways to visualize projects beyond basic usage. With the Standard plan, you’ll benefit from timeline views, Gantt chart views, and calendar views. This plan also supports third party integrations with up to 250 actions per month and automation of up to 250 actions per month. Standard allows you to create a dashboard with combined data from five different dashboards. Standard project management software This is definitely an upgrade from the base level. The standard package also supports guest access. Four guests are billed as one user. Therefore, you can use this to attract external users to your organization to manage projects.

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