Social Media Explained by Cats

This is a recurring subject treated in a humorous way. How to simplify in a few words or an image the use made of social media? It must be said that most social networks have a use close to the cliché, whether in the turns of phrase, the published content or the “editorial” approach. Fortunately, Facebook, Twitter and the others are not limited to these commonplaces, everyone can go about their business without going into small boxes.

But the illustrations made by Devon featuring cats to explain how these sites are used will still remind you of certain friends you meet daily… And you, is your use similar to those shown here? One thing is certain, cats are everywhere. And the result is not lacking in humor. It lacks a few widely used networks like Google Plus or LinkedIn, but you will still be entitled to Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, TumblR, Reddit and Pinterest.

This Is a Recurring Subject Treated


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One Thing Is Certain

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