Social Media Marketing Priorities in 2014

Social bakers has just published a study on marketing and social networks. Carried out across 82 countries and 20 sectors of activity. More than 500 marketing professionals were interviewed. Working for small, medium and large companies. The objective precisely describe the expectations and priorities of digital Ecuador WhatsApp Number List marketing this year. Social bakers conclusions are as follows. Top 3 priorities Facebook, Twitter and YouTube First observation. not all social networks are in the same boat.

81.2% of marketers consider Facebook important in 2014. Less than 1% of marketers will not consider Facebook in 2014. Twitter is a distant second (43.7%) but retains second place. YouTube takes third place on the podium, ahead of Instagram (19.1%), LinkedIn (16.7%), Google+ (14.1%), Pinterest (7.4%) and Tumblr (3.5%).

Top 3 priorities: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


survey-3 Free tools to analyze ROI Digital marketers agree on one thing. measuring their actions is not an option. 86.6% of them consider this assessment to be Ecuador WhatsApp Number List important. But at the same time, the free tools are at the party, only 31.2% of the professionals questioned think of using paid tools in 2014 to measure the results of their actions on social networks. Obtaining new Ecuador WhatsApp Number List customers. priority N°1 61.

7% of respondents say that acquiring new customers through social networks is very important for 2014. At the same time, only 28.9% of professionals surveyed place great importance on customer service on social networks. Companies may not all be mature, and still see social networks as a one-sided advertising channel. goals Who is in charge of social media strategies?

Free Tools to Analyze Roi

Ecuador WhatsApp Number List
Ecuador WhatsApp Number List


On this subject, the results logically differ according to the size of the companies surveyed. Within small structures, the boss has an important role to play (39%). As companies grow, this importance of the CEO tends to decrease (19% of large companies). This function is then transferred to digital (30%) and marketing (23%) managers. Related topics: Trends Share the article 2 comments The best productivity tools Swiss Transfer logo Swiss Transfer Free A secure tool to transfer your heavy files .

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