Staring at the real: the global situation of refugees and the plight of children

Do you know? Every year on june 20, the united nations sets the “world refugee day” to commemorate refugees around the world, hoping to draw people’s attention to the refugee issue and recognize and respect the contributions and sacrifices refugees have made to society. According to the statistics of the united nations high commissioner refugees. More than 100 million people have been displaced since may this year. On the one hand. It is affected the outbreak of. The russian-ukrainian war, and on the other hand, it is the result of regional conflicts that have never ended around the world.

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The syrian civil war has been going on for more than ten years since the beginning of the war in 2011. The number of children in urgent need of help due to the continuous war has been increasing, but the international focus and resource injection have gradually faded away. According to a statement Lithuania Phone Number released by unicef on may 8 this year, there are 6.5 million refugee children in syria alone. If the total number refugee children. Who have fled to surrounding areas. included. There nearly 12.3 million children in need of help. The number has broken the highest record since the civil war crisis began.the lost generation: people who have lost their right to express and have a voice

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Such a clear definition, guest liao yunjie also added that among the nearly 90 million refugees counted by the united nations high commissioner for refugees, less than one-third of them are actually refugees, because they must go through a legal process before becoming a refugee in the legal sense. Layers of review; more than half of them. More than 50 million people. But under the conditions of totalitarian rule and restricted speech. It is difficult for us to hear their voices. When we see the word “refugee” appearing repeatedly in. The statistics, we may intuitively associate stories of people fleeing their native land, traversing mountains or oceans to a new country, looking for a place to live. But in fact, refugees not only have clear definitions. And distinctions because.


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In the process of having to wander around, in addition to the problem of material food and clothing. Social, language and cultural differences have added many difficulties. Generally speaking, most people’s associations with . Rescue are the imagination of material . Aspects such as food distribution and. Housing resettlement, but guest liao yunjie specifically. Mentioned that spiritual rescue is often the potential demand of people. Regardless of whether they are floating or resettled refugees, they will always have a huge psychological burden when they face their homeland and a dazed future. She shared her own experience in the south naples project area in the west bank.

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