Startme, an Effective Replacement for Igoogle


The i Google service will stop in a few days. On 1 November precisely, you will have to choose another service to access the information provided by your favorite sites. We recently presented a service to replace i Google: My Yahoo . We also made a selection of 5 alternatives to i Google when the service was closed. If you are not totally convinced by these tools, we suggest you discover Tunisia WhatsApp Number List Start Me . Start Me looks a lot like i Google. It is very easy to handle. You can sign up in seconds, since only an email address and password are required.

Then it’s up to you to customize your homepage as you see fit to look like i Google. A homepage like i Google The start page is divided into three features. You can obviously search on Google or on another search engine: Google News, Google Images, Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and Wikipedia are notably offered.

A Homepage Like Igoogle


You can also find information published by the websites of your choice using RSS feeds. And we can only advise you to add the RSS feed of the Moderator’s blog to stay informed of the latest news. Third feature of the Start Me home page: favorites lists. Convenient for direct access Tunisia WhatsApp Number List to your favorite sites, from Facebook to Twitter via the Moderator’s blog! A simple and efficient interface On the administration side, everything is simple. A link, located at the top left of the page, allows you to personalize your home page.


A Simple and Efficient Interface

Tunisia WhatsApp Number List
Tunisia WhatsApp Number List


By default, your Start Me homepage is private, but you can make it public for your family or friends to use. Some additional options: opening links in a new window, displaying icons (favicons) next to websites, and displaying the search bar at the top of the page. The service is available in French. Import data stored on i Google Another very practical feature offered by Start Me: the import of Tunisia WhatsApp Number List data stored in i Google. If it is possible to save your i Google data in two clicks, importing them into Start Me is more tedious: unfortunately, the service does not yet support i Google. ‘import XML (corresponding to the i Google export file) but OPML.

To save your i Google dat, we advise you to add one by one your RSS feeds and your shortcuts on the Start Me service. The address of the RSS feed for each block is available via the element’s small cogwheel, then “About this widget”. You can retrieve the corresponding address from the address bar, after the & url element. If you use an RSS reader like Feedly, you can also import your OPML data, corresponding to RSS feeds,

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