Step 3: Create the “Just Links” Trigger

Could there be a potential tracking bug? Has there been any recent changes to the site Taiwan WhatsApp Number List that might have an impact on tracking? These could be tweaks to the design, wording, forms, or renaming of the page that could affect your triggers in Google Tag Manager. If such triggers no longer fire correctly, they may also fail to capture any Taiwan WhatsApp Number List associated conversions. To find the problem, we recommend checking the following: First, check to see if the relevant metrics correlate with the discrepancy (for example.

Step 4: Create a download click event tag

sessions and pageviews related to the target action. Are there events Taiwan WhatsApp Number List being tracked as the basis for conversions? Do they show similar changes?). Then check that the Google Analytics conversion trigger is still activated correctly. Preview and debug modes in Google Tag Manager are great for tracking tests. Make sure your filters Taiwan WhatsApp Number List in Google Analytics are (still) set correctly. When you find a bug, correct it, and remember to extensively test your tracking changes before publishing. in conclusion.

Step 5: Save the version, test and publish

Different key metrics are not always a mistake. It is quite possible Taiwan WhatsApp Number List to find a reasonable explanation. However, if there is no such explanation and the difference seems surprising, it is important Taiwan WhatsApp Number List to investigate and find the cause . Always pay attention to large deviations. Set up custom notifications in Google Analytics Taiwan WhatsApp Number List to automatically alert you when your KPIs exceed or fall below certain thresholds. This way you’ll never miss anything again.

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