Study: More Than 90% of Passwords Used Are Vulnerable

We can never say it enough: the choice of a password is not to be taken lightly. The more active you are online, the more you have to choose passwords to access various services. Social networks, bank accounts, online sales site, electronic/instant messaging, etc. Even if there are ways to make access to an account more secure (including additional verification based. On a secret question or a code sent by text message). The password is often the only barrier before your most sensitive data.

A study carried out by the auditing firm Deloitte analyzed more than 6 million passwords used. The result: with the 1000 most common passwords, it is possible to access 91% of online services. 79% of users chose among the 500 most common, 40% the first 100 and 14% the 10 most common passwords, in other words the easiest to guess.

We Can Never Say It Enough


To give you an idea, we told you about the worst passwords of 2012 . A Deloitte official told AFP “The most serious problem with passwords is their reuse. The human being, for a question of memory, retains five, six, seven passwords, and naturally, one uses them for all, which makes them very fragile”. And it is this tendency to always use the same passwords that is dangerous for the China WhatsApp Number security of your data. Tools exist and allow you to manage your passwords, such as a virtual safe: RoboForm or 1Password can take care of it.

However, the heart of the problem remains the choice of this password which, to be easier to remember, is sometimes too simplistic. We cannot advise you too much to use varied passwords (lowercase/uppercase, numbers, special characters) avoiding too obvious proper names with dates of birth and other personal information.

Other Words the Easiest to Guess

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