Study: the Digital Behavior of the French

The audit and consulting firm Deloitte has just published a particularly interesting study. On the behavior of French people on the Internet and social networks. This 7th edition of the very complete “State of the Media Democracy” is carried. Out in 10 countries by more than 2000 people per country. The study identifies several major trends that reflect. New behaviors related to digital technologies. The French, “Digital Omnivores” Behind this term, rarely associated with technological uses. Lies the propensity of the French to accumulate connected devices.

One in five French people uses all devices and owns a computer, a mobile phone and a tablet. The smartphone is completely essential for 71% of French people. Far ahead of the tablet which makes 29% of them “addicted”. Each device has its uses If the French have multiple connected devices, they are not all reserved for the same use.

The French, “Digital Omnivores”


The smartphone for texting, calling and taking photos. Pay more to surf faster? The debate on limiting bandwidth, and therefore surfing speed, is recurrent. The friction between YouTube and Free is the perfect illustration of this. According to figures announced by Deloitte, nearly 25% of French people would be willing to pay more to surf faster. A news that may please the various ISPs… Texting for Guatemala B2B List young people, phone calls for others Smartphone uses differ according to the age groups studied.

The digital natives communicate mainly by texting each other, while the 47-65 year olds remain faithful to the classic phone call. Figures that show that the uses do not depend entirely on the tool. The era of multi-tasking In the age of social-TV, it is important (mainly for marketers) to know what we are doing on the 2nd and 3rd screens when we are in front of the television. Surprisingly, social networks are not mentioned by respondents.

Each Device Has Its Uses

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The 3 main activities highlighted are browsing the internet (this answer may take into account social media uses), reading e-mails and sending SMS. More and more streaming content Despite the shutdown of Megavideo, the undisputed king of streaming, this mode of distribution is still in favor with Internet users. Nearly 34% of viewed videos come from an online source (probably YouTube). We also note that the French are more open to renting content online, rather than buying it, and that the tablet is increasingly seen as a device conducive to the consumption of video content.

State of digital consumption Among 14-23 year olds, digital consumption has taken precedence over physical consumption. A trend obviously less strong among their elders. More surprisingly, 12% of young people have already abandoned a purchase in a store because there was no Internet access. The importance of consumer reviews probably! To find out more and find all the figures put online by Deloitte, you can consult the complete infographic provided by the audit firm.

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