Study: the Number of Tablet Users Has Doubled Since 2012

Médiamétrie, leader in French media studies and GFK, specialist in media audiences and consumer panels, have just unveiled a study on the multimedia equipment of the French. Particularly extensive, it covers 22,000 representative households. Unsurprisingly, tablets are increasingly Belize B2B List present in our daily lives. The increasingly present computer Despite a steady decline in PC sales worldwide, it remains a must in French homes. In the first quarter of 2013, 77% of them (21.4 million households) had one. In detail, 2/3 of computers are laptops. The era of the general public fixed PC seems to be over… Computers are tending to multiply in homes since 8.8 million equipped homes have at least 2 of them. Tablet equipment explodes Since the arrival of the first iPad, the craze for tablets has not been denied.

The Increasingly Present Computer


They are present in more than 18% of homes. In just one year, the number of equipped households has doubled, rising from 2.2 million to 5.1 million. No drop in purchases in sight Despite an already high rate of equipment in terms of tablets or computers, the French still want to Belize B2B List equip themselves. Over the next 6 months, 1 in 10 households intend to buy a tablet or computer.

In terms of the typical profile of the tablet owner, it is rather a man under 50 at the head of a larger family than computer owners. Médiamétrie is today revealing new figures on the Internet audience in France, in April 2013. The list of the most visited sites and the groups having generated the most traffic is now known. These rankings are not the only data provided by the institute. Changes in the habits of Internet users are also highlighted: information related to health is popular.

Tablet Equipment Explodes

Belize B2B List
Belize B2B List


Young people are interested in their health Médiamétrie classifies the analyzed sites. The “Health/Well-being/Nutrition” category achieved the strongest audience growth during the month of April (+5.7%). Young people aged 18 to 24 are increasingly attentive to medical information published on the Internet. They devoted 10 minutes to it during the month of April, compared to 8 minutes last March. The number of page views on sites in this category exploded: +35% in one month. Seniors (over 50) still Belize B2B List represent the age group most interested in this type of information, with 36.6% of the audience.

Top 30 of the most visited sites in France Among the top 10 most visited sites in France, we mainly find search engines, general portals and social networks. 1. Google – 40.5M unique visitors, 17.3M daily. The search engine monopolizes the first place in the ranking. In April, it achieved 30% more audience than Facebook, the second most visited site. 2. Facebook – 31.1M unique visitors, 10.1M daily. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network largely dominates its competitors. Its monthly users are loyal, since 32% of them consult the site every day.

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