Summary: the Main Services Closed by Google

Google Reader has just closed its doors, leaving a community of users orphaned by a really practical RSS reader… Fortunately, there are alternatives that are just as successful and simple to use. This isn’t the first time Google has shut down a service. but generally, the Mountain View firm rather cleans up products that do not work or hardly work. It must be said that the number of innovations offered since its inception is quite impressive, with dozens of services seeing the light of day, many as experiments. A number of initiatives have brought together these famous missing services. We presented you a few months ago a Pinterest page dedicated to the subject . Today, an infographic titled The Google Graveyard summarizes these closures.

Google Reader Has Just Closed Its Doors


From Reader in July 2013 to iGoogle, whose end date is already scheduled (November 1, 2013), via Google Talk (May 15, 2013), 2013 was the occasion for a major sweep. But 2012 (Picnik, Knol) or 2011 (Google Buzz, Sidewiki, Aardvark) were of the same ilk. Who will disappear in 2014? We let you remember emblematic services that have disappeared on this infographic, which is far from Hungary B2B List complete but summarizes well the main shutdowns of recent years. Some web services close unnoticed. Were you still using Altavista on July 8? Other cases can be more painful for Internet users: the closure of Google Reader has caused a lot of ink to flow, even if good tools have come to supplement it.

Alternatives That Are Just as Successful

Hungary B2B List
Hungary B2B List


And what about the end of MSN Messenger : a message system used excessively for many years, now replaced by Skype. Last April, Microsoft had offered us a superb interview with Buddy (nostalgic abstain). The famous character of MSN Messenger left behind many faithful, to take a well-deserved retirement. The Redmond company is doing it again today with Michel: a follower of the MSN Messenger service for many years, the migration to Skype was not easy. Addicted to wizz, he followed a heavy treatment not to relapse. Through humour, Microsoft obviously promotes its new messaging service and praises its features: screen sharing, application for mobile and tablet… The possibilities offered by MSN Messenger and Skype takeovers are also mentioned, from the change of emoticon font. And frankly, “it’s more stylish because it’s easier to say We’re Skype than we’re MSN ”. In short, Michel seems seduced. And you ?

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