Taking on Real Estate Video Marketing Filming Considerations

Before we move on, what is an Instagram influencer?

Influencers are Instagram users who have a large following, as well as the ability to persuade people to make certain choices because of how those people see them.

They know how to create Belgium Phone Number unique creative content for Instagram that is attractive and even glamorous, but believable and authentic at the same time. And judging by the numbers we just shared, it works!

Brands, of course, leverage this power that influencers have over the thought process of their massive fan base for their own gains (selling their products and services)!

Marketers will likely continue to engage in influencer marketing for years to come due to the natural and positive impact on their brands.

4. User Generated Content


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With the increase in the number of people using Instagram, as well as the rise in popularity of influencer marketing, user-generated content is something brands will leverage more than ever before.

User-generated content isn’t rocket science – it can be as simple as an influencer’s video testimonial or a tag in a post.

By using this content, brands achieve three things.

First, they benefit from what is the social media equivalent of word of mouth marketing. After all, if so many people are using a product or expressing how much they love it, there must be something there, right?

Second, brands get out-of-the-box content that is considered authentic by consumers because it consists of unbiased opinions and viewpoints from the audience.

Third, in addition to sales, brands build reliability and credibility – their image and reputation witness a boost.

And all this with very little effort!

5. AR Filters on Instagram Stories
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Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of marketing and advertising as we know it.

It has already started to change the world.

Imagine you want to buy a shirt but can’t choose between two options you’ve narrowed it down to.

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