The 10 Best April Fool’s Day Pranks and Hoaxes

April 1 is approaching and it will once again be an opportunity to allow yourself. Some schoolboy jokes with your friends or at the office. The tradition of “April fool’s day” takes place all over the world (April fool’s day for the Anglo-Saxons). And has given rise to sometimes exceptional hoaxes. Here is a small overview of the best pranks, jokes and hoaxes. While waiting for Monday and our traditional selection of the best April Fools of the year. Liberty Bell Taco Do you know the firm Taco Bell well established in the United States? It specializes in tacos and other Mexican dishes.

On April 1, 1996, the firm made believe via an advertising insert in the 6 large American national dailies that. It had bought the ” Liberty Bell ” and was going to rename it “The Taco Liberty Bell”. Outraged by the loss of the symbol of American independence. Hundreds of Americans went to the memorial in Philadelphia. It must be said that the story was credible since even the White House had played the game.

The Flying Penguins


The flying penguins THE BBC is renowned for the quality of its wildlife documentaries. And when these are fakes, the English channel puts the same professionalism into them! On April 1, 2008, it broadcast a complete report on the discovery of a new evolution of the penguin that would be able to fly! Supporting video, it shows them taking flight towards the tropical forests of the South. Nice and well done Bolivia WhatsApp Number but not really believable. The left-handed burger By far our favorite prank.

Burger King published on April 1 on a full page of USA Today that it was going to launch a special version of the famous Whooper intended for left-handed people! A burger with the same ingredients but where all the condiments would be turned 180 degrees to be suitable for left-handers. Despite the enormity of the joke, hundreds of customers went to their favorite fast food restaurant to ask for the famous left-handed special whooper… UFOs in the sky of London Richard Branson is not only a talented businessman, he is also a jokester.

The New Value of the Number Pi

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In April 1989, he had hundreds of fake flying saucers built to fly across the skies of London. Result: panic of the inhabitants and interventions of the police. The 36-year-old billionaire at the time even pushed the vice so far as to climb himself into a hot air balloon made up of a UFO. The first web hoax The USENET network is one of the “ancestors” of the Internet made up of networked forums. On April 1, 1984, in the midst of the Cold War, a message distributed to members of the network indicates that the USSR wishes to join USENET. Inconceivable for the time, this announcement sparked a huge flood of reactions.

For the record, the hoax was put online by a certain “kremvax”, and 6 years later, when the USSR really joined the global network, it used “kremvax” as its domain name! A beautiful tribute to the first internet hoax. The new value of the number Pi In 1988 the very serious New Mexicans for Science and Reason claimed that the state of Alabama would correct the number Pi from 3.14 to 3 for convenience and to back up biblical teachings. The information supported by the State of Alabama seemed so reliable that it was even taken up in the news wire of the Associated Press agency.

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