The 10 Most Popular Searches on Google France in 2013

Each year, Google publishes its ranking of the most searched keywords on its search engine. Since it dominates all its competitors, it is a good indicator of search trends over the year! In 2012 , globally, the death of Whitney Houston had surpassed the phenomenon of Psy’s Gangnam Style. Hurricane Sandy, iPad 3 and Diablo 3 were the next in the Top 5 of global searches. In France, Free Netherlands WhatsApp Number List Mobile hit the headlines by presenting its mobile offer. Euro 2012, Secret Story, Bref and Mac Donalds were the other popular keywords of the year. And this year?

Here are the main rankings presented by Google for the Zeitgeist 2013. Here are the events of the year according to Google, in video. The most searched words on Google France in 2013 This year. The death of Paul Walker has aroused great emotion on social networks. Internet users have also searched a lot for his name on Google, since it is the most popular search this year.

The Most Searched Words on Google France in 2013


The Globe, Kate Middleton, Secret Story 7 and the iPhone 5s make up the rest of the top 5. At the end of the top 10, Nabilla is ahead of Nelson Mandela…  at the same time, paul Walker Vendee Globe Kate Middleton secret story 7 iPhone 5s Valerie  Star Academy Harlem Shake Nabilla Nelson Mandela.  The most Netherlands WhatsApp Number List popular news on Google France in 2013 In terms of news, the Royal Baby is obviously the most popular event. The disappearance of Nelson Mandela is second, followed by Mali, Florence Cassez and the Pope. Royal Baby Nelson Mandela mali Florence Break Pope Frigid Boston Fiona Coronavirus.

The most popular GIFs on Google France in 2013 Without anyone really knowing why, GIFs have become popular again for a few months. And one thing is certain: Google loves them. The Mountain View firm unveils the ranking of the most searched GIFs this year on the French search engine. Gif one direction.

The Most Popular News on Google France in 2013

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In the first place, dancer animated gif Promotional GIFs Animated gif flowers Animated rabbit gifs GIF 2013 Barbara Palvin gif Gif cat in love Easter animated gif animated gif animals Popular high-tech searches on Google France in 2013 Apple, Google and Samsung monopolize 7 of the 10 most Netherlands WhatsApp Number List popular high-tech searches of the year. And on the console side, it is Sony who wins the bet to Microsoft with its PlayStation 4. iPhone 5s playstation4 iPhone 5c Nexus5 Galaxy s4 Xbox One Nexus4 Galaxy Note 3 Iphone 6 HTC One Google has published the full rankings on its dedicated site: Google Zeitgeist .

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