The 15 Web Events That Marked 2013

The year 2013 ends in a few days, the opportunity to look back on the major events that marked the year. This year has also been particularly “busy”: end of Google reader or MSN, launch of Google Glass… A look back at the 15 events that marked the year. January – Kim Dotcom launches Mega a year after Mega Upload shut down mega Kim Dotcom never admits defeat. after being arrested and Nepal WhatsApp Number List having suffered a seizure on part of his fortune, the hacker does it again and launches Mega, a file exchange service. The long-awaited launch will be a victim of its success and the excessive traffic in the first days. February 2013 – Google Glass available in Explorer edition Google begins to distribute copies of its revolutionary glasses to a few lucky ones. The price to try this little gem of technology: $1500 all the same.

Google Glass Available in Explorer Edition


YouTube has 1 billion users and Xavier Niel launches 42 YouTube, acquired in 2005 by Google, has established itself in a very short time as an essential service on the web. In March 2013, the site claimed 1 billion monthly users… or 15% of the world’s population. A gigantic number. Youtube That same month, Xavier Niel announces the launch of a “revolutionary” school to train developers: 42. The opening of 42 will cause a lot of noise, especially with schools already in place. April – Farewell MSN Nepal WhatsApp Number List Microsoft’s emblematic service, MSN gave way to Skype on April 8, 2013 .

Millions of Internet users had tears in their eyes when they heard the news. The end of an era, wizzes, emoticons… May – Yahoo! buys out Tumblr tumblr Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo! announced on May 20 the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo!. An operation estimated at 850 million euros and which is symbolic of the recovery of the web portal, moribund for many years. This takeover allows Yahoo! to take advantage of Tumblr’s significant traffic among the youngest… and to launch the monetization of the platform.

Youtube Has 1 Billion Users and Xavier Niel Launches 42

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Nepal WhatsApp Number List


Internet giants share your data with the US government Prism PRISM is a scandal of large-scale access to Internet user data by the Internet giants: Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, Facebook and AOL. They would have offered “backdoors” to the US government to access personal data. 2013 will confirm more than ever the famous quote from 1984. July –While the service was authorized by Nepal WhatsApp Number List many web professionals, Google announced in March the end of its RSS feed aggregator for July. Sad news that will nevertheless make Feedly happy, among others.

August – Yahoo! does better than Google The news may seem unbelievable but Yahoo! overtakes Google in terms of traffic in the United States in August. The reflection of an aggressive acquisition strategy and bold strategic choices on the part of Marissa Meyer. Note that the ComScore ranking which gives Yahoo! first in terms of traffic in the United States in July does not take into account traffic from Tumblr. September: Microsoft acquires Nokia Mobile phone giant Nokia was in trouble after missing the smartphone turn. Microsoft has meanwhile decided to put a foot in the mobile with this acquisition estimated at 5.4 billion dollars.

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