The Best Aliaz Profiles of the Month of June

Like every month, we offer you a selection of the best aliaz. And as much to say that in June, many of you edited your profile. One thinks for example of the superb alias of, a graphic designer from the “Great North” who should quickly find a job. Our selection welcomes several elected officials this month:  mayor and Sophie Loiseau, deputy mayor of Fleury-Les-Aubrais in Loiret. Now it’s your turn ! Don’t hesitate to take inspiration from these aliases, without necessarily copying them.

Create a page in your image and send Jamaica B2B List us your alias: you may be chosen during the summer selections! Amelie  communication officer, presents herself on her alias. His competences ? Consulting, internal and digital communication, events, training, press and public relations.  is the mayor of A city where there is so much to do! His presence on the web is listed, from his blog to Google+ via Twitter. offers us a quality alias: he is a graphic designer, it shows.

Selection of the Best Aliaz


Looking for a position in communication, graphic design or advertising. Do not hesitate to contact him ! Julien  Julien is a graphic designer. He has been freelancing for many years, but wants to join a company for more stability. Giulia For once, here is an alias written entirely in English. Giulia is Italian and graduated from the School of Architecture in Milan since March 2013. A nice and very Jamaica B2B List graphic profile! Sophie is Deputy Mayor of Fleury-Les-Aubrais for Youth, Sports and the Local Economy. She introduces herself on her alias. You can join her on Twitter and Facebook.

Tidying up your computer desk is like cleaning. We think about it all the time, but we rarely do it… I’m not talking about furniture, but about your desktop home screen. Which we will have to find a differentiating name one day! To motivate you to do this virtual sorting and find your way around your folders and shortcuts more easily, you can always take inspiration from this selection of the best computer desks found online.

A Basketball Player Who Dunks

Jamaica B2B List
Jamaica B2B List


We will notice two major trends: a certain rejection of Internet Explorer and a serious habit of wanting to recreate physical sets. To discover ! Walking Dead vs. Internet Explorer A great classic that we find declined in multiple ways, with a threatened and isolated IE icon… Why so much hatred? Hi it’s Nicolas Cage Go find out why, Nicolas Cage has become an emblem of the Internet. This wallpaper Jamaica B2B List is nonetheless quite anxiety-provoking. Dunk ! A basketball player who dunks with an icon, the idea is nice. But coincidentally, it falls on the Internet Explorer icon that will go to the trash.

planetary rings Use icons to form a ring around a planet, there is an idea! Internet as an obstacle This recovery of an image that has been around the web 4 times is rather well seen. The Giraffe double screen It’s worth having two screens if you don’t want to use them to create a nice double screen background! We will appreciate this variation around the giraffe.

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